Monday, June 1, 2009

Firsts: Baseball Games and Lost Teeth

We have had an eventful few days.  Friday was Mr. N's first baseball game.  He had a lot of fun and it was entertaining watching teams of 7 year old kids play ball.  It was cute and provided lots of entertainment.  We haven't really been into all the extracurricular activities.  They seem to take so much out of the time we want to be at home just us.  We thought we would give it a shot this year, so we will see how it all goes.  

Now, Mr. I has had a loose tooth for about............3 weeks.  I am not exaggerating it has been nearly 3 weeks.  Yesterday I noticed it was REALLY loose, like not sure how it is still in there loose, but it was still hanging on.  Reminds me of how we try to hang on to the things, refusing to let them go.  Anyway, that tooth just wasn't ready to let go (at least not in Mr. I's eyes).  This morning I told him to show his tooth to daddy and Matthew just pushed on it, to see how far it would go back and it fell right out.  I have never seen such excitement.  Mr. N cried, it was traumatic.  Mr. I is singing songs and wanting to tell the world.  I had to announce it on Facebook.  Oh, brother!!! 

So enjoy the pictures and I will try to do better at keeping everyone updated!


Marylou said...

I am glad that snaggle tooth is finally out! Glad to see some pictures of the game I missed. Send me the schedule so I can try to get to one of them that hopefully does not get cancelled!
Hope you are feeling better! Love you all!

Mark and Jordan Anderson said...

Fun pictures!

Heather said...

Such fun pics. All boy! :) fun, huh? I can't remember when you said you were coming to B. town - I'd love to see you.